Deadpool 2The Summer blockbuster movie season is officially in full swing, and the newest offering delivers. The sequel to Ryan Reynold’s 2016 passion project, Deadpool 2 is predictably pretty great. The “Merc with a Mouth” is again in rare form, this time surrounded by a more extensive, interesting supporting cast. There’s also some awesome celebrity cameos that were completely unexpected. All in all, Deadpool 2 was a really satisfying experience, and it’s hard to ask for any more than that. I really enjoyed it for numerous reasons, some of which I’ll go into in more detail below:

I can’t get enough Josh Brolin lately and I don’t care who knows it

Just like with Avengers Infinity War, Josh Brolin is a big part of why I really enjoyed Deadpool 2. Cable is such a great character from Marvel’s deep well of great characters, and Brolin plays him awesomely. They actually did re-shoots to add more of him to the finished product of Deadpool 2, and I for one think that was a great move. I’d honestly love to see him get his own spinoff film. Josh Brolin’s talent plus getting to explore more of Cable’s backstory sounds like great viewing to me. Just shut up and take my money for the ticket now.

Not for nothing, but I also really liked Domino. Whether it be in a spinoff of her own or a future X-Force film, I’d really love to see more of her as well. Truthfully, the supporting characters in Deadpool 2 were universally pretty great. And those cameos!

Another thing Deadpool 2 got right that previous X-Men properties got wrong

Famously among the fandom, X-Men: The Last Stand’s portrayal of Juggernaut was pretty much crap. There were a lot of reasons not to love that film, but taking a very interesting character from the comics and essentially undoing everything that made him awesome was a really big one. Deadpool 2, on the other hand, gives us a much more accurate portrayal of the character as seen in the comics. I, for one, was really happy to see that. They even managed to work in a reference to him being the brother of Professor Xavier, something completely ignored previously. As a long-time fan, I was much happier with this version of the character.

What did you think of Deadpool 2?

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