Picture of Game of Thrones character Tyrion LannisterThe following are a few notes I took while watching tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones. Warning: mild spoilers may be included, though I’ve tried to stay away from including anything too glaring. Either way, consider yourself warned.

  1. This was an episode where a lot of things many of us have been anticipating finally came together. Personally, I really enjoyed the dialogue of the reunion between Jon and Tyrion. The last these two saw one another was back in Season 1 after bonding over their shared status as misfits. The scene felt authentic to me as old friends coming back together to compare battle scars after a long absence. That reunion, of course, was simply the preamble.
  2. Nearly since the beginning of the series, fans have been waiting for Jon and Daenerys to come face-to-face. This has especially been the case since his suspected lineage was finally officially revealed last season, and their first meeting was not a disappointment. It was “fire and ice” finally coming together, so to say. There was definite tension and angst in the subtext of their conversation, and it will be interesting to see where that goes. It’s beginning to truly feel like these character’s destinies are coming together. The audience chamber at Dragonstone, a new set this season, is also both beautiful and intimidating.
  3. Euron parading his prisoners through the streets of Kings Landing immediately put me in the mind of Cesar or some other Roman general returning from a successful campaign. It could also sort of be looked at as something of a parody of Cersei’s walk of shame. Euron still isn’t living up to his full potential as a villain the way he is in the books. We saw a bit of that during the battle at sea in Episode 2, but it’s just not there. I have to admit, though, I do find this portrayed of him hilarious. His needling of Jaimie is priceless stuff.
  4. Witnessing the surviving Stark children continuing to have their reunions is particularly heartwarming. Such happiness is not exactly what Game of Thrones is known for, so we’ll take it wherever we can. Seeing them together brings into stark focus (pun intended!) just exactly how much they’ve changed.
  5. I have to admit I’m just a little bit disappointed with the look of Casterly Rock in the show. Look, I’m a rather vociferous apologist for the show most of the time. I long ago made my peace with the fact that certain changes are simply unavoidable in an adaptation like this. I liked that they paid attention to enough detail to portray it as being on a bluff above the ocean. The castle’s identity as lording over the major seaport of Lannisport is extremely important. I’m glad they stayed true to that. I only wish they had taken into account the fact that it’s not supposed to just be a castle like any of the others. Casterly Rock is described in the books as being something similar to the Rock of Gibraltar. It was hewn out of the stone the way ants cut passages and chambers in soil to create ant hills. Imagine someone hollowing out the Rock of Gibraltar and using it as a fortress and you would have Casterly Rock. I only wish the show had given us something similar. They lost out on a lot of the uniqueness of the location by not doing so.
  6. Highgarden, on the other hand, looked perfect. The showrunners managed to find a location that looked suitably fertile as an agricultural center. The castle itself also appeared very unique when compared to others, perhaps a sign of that wealth. Bravo! The end of this episode also showed exactly why Dame Diana Rigg has been absolutely perfect as Olenna Tyrell. Unlike so many others on Game of Thrones, she wins even as she’s losing.

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