Knightfall Season 1 Episode 7Knightfall Season 1 Episode 7 follows Landry’s continued quest for the grail, meeting a mysterious woman who may be able to help. Meanwhile, intrigue is afoot as Queen Joan learns of an attack on her homeland of Navarre. Endangering her recent efforts to improve her relationship with King, she acts rashly and against his wishes in response. And it seems De Nogaret is still out there scheming, coming up with an idea to regain his standing with King Philip.

As I mentioned last week, I really like the fact that the writers are portraying the holy grail mysteriously. Some players in the game lust after it, while there’s a secret society dedicated to protecting it. Meanwhile, even the most well-meaning seekers have to ask themselves whether or not it being so difficult to find means that God doesn’t want it in the hands of men. That makes for a lot of drama and self-searching, and I just think it’s a really great touch. There are a lot of different ways they could have gone with this show, and I’m really glad they chose the path they did.

The events depicted in Knightfall Season 1 Episode 7 added yet another layer to that mystery. The quest for the grail leads Landry back to the orphanage where he first met Godfrey as a child. That’s supposed to be where it’s hidden, but he arrives to find it burnt to the ground. With the trail going cold and the grail likely reduced to ashes, it seems the quest has ended. Enter a mysterious woman, claiming to have been instructed by Godfrey himself to burn the orphanage if anyone got close. She will speak only to Landry, warning him that even his brothers will attempt to take the grail from him if he finds it, and things are suddenly even more interesting. It’s also pretty clear she is correct, specifically with respect to one individual in particular.

Knightfall Season 1 Episode 7 even managed a bit of comedy. Aggravated over his troubles with the Queen, King Philip enlists his friend Landry in a clandestine mission. That mission being to sneak him out of the castle and take him out drinking among the commoners. This, of course, couldn’t be done without it leading to a bar room brawl. That was fun to watch, but it was the follow up scene that was truly important for the overall narrative. The King laments that his position puts him in a spot to be lied to, saying he sometimes feels as though Landry is his only friend. Of course, we as viewers know Landry has already betrayed him in perhaps the worst way possible. That knowledge makes it particularly dramatic hearing Philip tell Landry never to betray him and watching all of that play out on the faces of the actors.

And, wow, what an ending! Truthfully, Knightfall gets better seemingly with each episode.

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