Knightfall Season 1 Episode 8Knightfall Season 1 Episode 8 begins with a proverbial bang with Queen Joan in Navarre. Just seconds into the episode, she learns her husband King Philip seems to have essentially abandoned her to stand alone. This comes across as punishment for her acting against his wishes, but it becomes apparent later in the episode that her relationship with the King will suffer much worse soon as all of her secrets are revealed.

The whole season thus far has revolved around the search for the Holy Grail, seemingly found in the previous episode. Ostensibly, Landry has accomplished something huge, but it’s pretty obvious from the get-go that the story isn’t finished. For one thing, you have the ominous warnings of the mysterious woman who turned out to be none other than Landry’s own mother—entrusted to protect the secret of Christ’s cup by Godfrey—that bringing the relic back to the church is dangerous. And for another, the show is operating pretty much completely within the bounds of pseudo-history at this point. Assuming that the writers would want to at least keep the story within the lines of believability, there’s going to have to be some reason why there’s no historical record of the Knights Templar finding the Grail in France. Without stretching things too far, that alone makes it clear something else is going to happen that removes that from the historical record.

The answer to such ruminations is laid bare in an unexpected twist, revealing the true nature of the plot afoot all season. I’m hesitant to reveal too much in this article, for the sake of avoiding spoilers. To put it plainly, though, I did not see it coming, and that’s pretty unusual for me. Usually I sniff such things out pretty quickly, but this one wasn’t what I expected, and I find that delightful. It’s actually really nice to be surprised sometimes, and Knightfall Season 1 Episode 8 accomplished that. This really has turned out to be a pretty great show, in my opinion.

It looks like the writers are also beginning to reveal snippets of how they intend to frame the narrative going forward. Since the beginning, I’ve been wondering how things were going to play out, since Knightfall is essentially set perhaps a year before the Knights Templar fall under persecution. Frankly, a lot needed to happen to get them from where they were at the beginning to that sad state. Knightfall Season 1 Episode 8, however, seemed to lay pretty decent groundwork for how that’s going to occur and actually make sense. Kudos to them for that, since—in my opinion—some level of realism is necessary for believability. Whether it be fantasy or historical fiction, things don’t have to be true to be believable. It is always best, though, when you can actually understand character’s motivations for the things they do. Great to see that happening here.

Now the only thing left for me to wonder is how they are going to move forward with additional seasons. They’ve already been renewed for Season 2, but like I said all of this story is limited to taking place within about a year’s time. I suppose either it will wrap up after 2-3 seasons, or they’ll end up going the route of That 70’s Show. That one famously ran for 8 seasons, but all of the action was supposed to have taken place between 1976-1977 and New Year’s Eve 1980. I suppose if ratings warrant additional seasons, they could always portray Knightfall similarly.

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