The following are a few notes I took while watching Star Trek Discovery Season 1 Episode 12. Warning: mild spoilers may be included, though I’ve tried to stay away from including anything too glaring. Either way, consider yourself warned.

Star Trek Discovery Season 1 Episode 12My apologies for it taking me a couple of days to get this article posted. I’ve been a bit off my game this week. Unfortunately, being an independent author on a budget means I have to do all of my own manuscript formatting. Of course, I knew that was the case, but I was a bit unprepared for just how exacting the standards are for submission. Needless to say, that’s dominated most of my week, but I eventually need to get back to the regular grind, so here I am.

All that being said, since I’m behind schedule, I’m going to forgo the full article. Instead, I’m just going to post some random observations from the episode. So here goes:

  1. I thought it was interesting the way they handled the interaction between Stametz… and Mirror Stametz. Him getting the chance to say goodbye to Hugh was a nice touch also, even if it was just in his own mind. The concept of both Stametz’s sharing something of a mirror destiny, trapped in the mycelial network is really interesting. I also get the feeling they’re laying the groundwork for why the mycelial network isn’t used in later iterations of the franchise. If it really does branch throughout the universe, touching everything, humans using it causing such damage could easily be the reason. They might very well just say the entire program was scuttled and classified, and that’s why no other Star Trek characters are aware of it.
  2. Still loving the Terran Empire’s uniforms. Honestly, I’m a pretty big fan of these past couple of episodes, in general. Since returning from the mid-season hiatus, the show has been consistently pretty good. Not that it was bad before, but I’m really loving their little foray into the Mirror Universe. Star Trek Discovery Season 1 Episode 12 was another great example.
  3. Despite what was supposed to have been a surprise reveal at the end of the last episode that most of us saw coming, Captain Philippa Georgiou appearing as the Mirror Universe Terran Emperor was actually pretty well done. She projects just the right mix of despotism and the paranoia with which all despots are infected. Michelle Yeoh has truly been a delight in the role. Makes me sad they killed her off in the Prime Universe.
  4. That was a really short episode. Not even a full 38 minutes. I don’t know what that was all about, but I hope it was an isolated incident.
  5. Holy Hell, what about that ending?! For a show that seemed to be struggling with the twists they’ve attempted, this one definitely knocked me for a loop. I definitely did not see that coming. Of course, I’m not going to say specifically what happened, because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. But Wow.

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