The following are a few notes I took while watching tonight’s episode of Star Trek Discovery. Warning: mild spoilers may be included, though I’ve tried to stay away from including anything too glaring. Either way, consider yourself warned.

Star Trek Discovery characters Tyler and BurnhamAs we join Episode 7, we learn—through the standard Star Trek trope of a crew log entry—that the tide of the war has shifted. Things are now leaning toward a victory for Starfleet over the Klingons. Not surprisingly, the Discovery and her ability to use the spore-drive are a big reason for that. The ship has become a primary weapon for Starfleet and things seem to be looking up. The thing is there’s no real drama when things are looking up. So—in true Star Trek fashion—it doesn’t last long. Enter the return of Harry Mudd to make sure that happens. Turns out he’s pretty upset about Lorca and Tyler abandoning him on the Klingon prison ship.

Mudd is out for vengeance, but what makes it interesting is how he’s going about it. As I have promised not to be too free with spoilers, I can’t say anything extremely specific. Just understand that Episode 7 of Star Trek Discovery feels a lot like an old school Trek episode. In fact, I would say it probably feels more like standard Star Trek than any other episode thus far. Oh well, I guess it’s not too specific to say it’s always fun when time loops come into play. 😊

Despite the obvious callback to a classic episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation with Lieutenants Stamets in place of Data, something else I’m really loving about Star Trek Discovery is the Mudd character himself. Of course, longtime Trekkies will recall the character as recurring on the Original Series of the late ‘60s. The truth is I always considered him something of a throwaway character.

I never cared for those episodes. Strangely enough, however, Star Trek Discovery has changed my mind about Harry Mudd. Maybe it’s something as simple as the portrayal by Rainn Wilson or maybe the stories are just better. I don’t know. And, in truth, I don’t suppose it really matters why. All that matters is that I’m enjoying it. I hope you are as well.

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